Creating Long-Term Value For Our Clients, Partners & Communities

Over the past 60 years, we’ve weathered 9 recessions, 11 presidents and 20% interest rates, and we continue to deliver in commercial real estate in the Southeast.

Lat Purser on a Machine
Vintage Lat Purser Team Photo
Picture of LPA Team Members
LPA Team Members
Lat Purser on a Machine
Vintage Lat Purser Team Photo
Picture of LPA Team Members
LPA Team Members

our philosophy

Be Intentional. Be a Team. Do the Right Thing. Care.

We’re nothing if we’re not honest with our colleagues, partners, and clients. Without honesty, there is no trust. No opportunity for creating a strong, long-term reputation. No chance of making a real impact. 

We treat everyone within the company and outside it with respect. We believe each person has value to add. Making the right decision matters more than who made the decision. 

We do not have knee-jerk reactions or sign off on new deals in haste. Each decision we make is calculated and intentional.

Every Day, We Hustle

For our team to have a solid foundation for a good life

To ensure the long-term viability of our city and the Southeast

For our clients and partners to have steady and continued success

Because we're obsessed with commercial real estate and can't get enough

how we do it

We Believe in the 70/20/10 Rule:

Focusing on the 70% has given us a solid foundation. But pushing the 20% and 10% efforts led to the creation of MyNiche Apartments, boutique communities, and LPA Urban, which is focused on urban acquisitions and development; both entities which started by us pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone and are now part of what we do daily.


Focus 70% of your time doing what you’re great at and confident doing. This is your bread and butter.


Allocate 20% of your time trying something new, or learning something that stretches you. Over time the 20% will become a part of your 70%.


Devote 10% of your time to doing something that scares you. You might fail, but keep trying. Eventually, this 10% skill will become your 20% skill.

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At the root, we're a group that makes every single decision with honesty, respect and intentionality.

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60 Years Portrait

Celebrating Sixty Years

Founded in 1961 by Lat W. Purser, Jr., LPA provides services including development, acquisitions, brokerage, leasing, property management and construction management.

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